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Home buying can be a very intimidating process and requires a very thorough due diligence at every step. At Home Life Miracle Realty Ltd, Brokerage you not only benefit from a combined experience of 25+ years but i will help you gain a meaningful insight that will enable you to take an informed buying decision. 

With a proven methodology i have helped my clients to carefully craft their home buying experience.

Remember Home is "Home Sweet Home"

For most of us buying a home is a single most purchase of our life time and certainly you should be informed of that process in details.

The 6 step rule set for a successful Home Buying Experience


#1 Is home ownership right for you

Being financially stable and responsible is one of the key fundamental's in this journey. 

#2 Associated costs with owning a home 

Take into consideration the monthly expenses associated with home ownership

  • Monthly mortgage payments

  • Property Tax

  • Utility costs

  • Any other maintenance costs

#3 Where to buy

Location is something that needs an utmost importance for e.g. close to work, school, or public transit. Brainstorm ahead on the primary and or secondary choice of location.

#4 New Home or a second hand

For some  new home is the way to go however for some a second hand home is just as fine. With my in depth experience and analysis i will help you every step of this selection to make an informed choice. 


#5 Finance your home

Meet with your lender to start the mortgage pre-approval process.

#6 Make an offer and close the deal

Nikki Wadhawan, Realtor

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