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Meet Nikki


Nikki Wadhawan

Nikki Wadhawan is a seasoned professional in the realm of real estate, offering a wealth of experience that spans over 25 years. Her expertise is not just limited to buying, selling, or renting properties; it extends to guiding individuals through every intricate stage of the real estate journey, ensuring a seamless experience from inception to well beyond the transaction.


Navigating the complexities of real estate transactions, whether it's the excitement of acquiring your first home or the strategic planning involved in making an investment, can be an overwhelming experience. Nikki understands the multifaceted nature of the process, recognizing that it goes beyond mere transactions and involves comprehensive financial planning and meticulous neighborhood selection. This holistic approach is grounded in a thorough due diligence process that ensures clients are well-informed and confident in their decisions.


What sets Nikki apart is her commitment to careful planning at every stage of the buying, selling, or renting process. She recognizes that managing expectations is crucial in real estate, and her guidance is aimed at not just meeting but exceeding those expectations. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer navigating the unfamiliar terrain of real estate or an investor looking for strategic opportunities, Nikki is dedicated to providing the support and expertise needed for a successful outcome.


Beyond the transactional aspects, Nikki is invested in building enduring relationships with her clients. Her involvement extends well past the completion of a deal, as she understands that the real estate journey is an ongoing process. By leveraging her extensive experience, Nikki ensures that her clients are equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary for long-term success in their real estate endeavors.

In the world of real estate, where each decision can have lasting implications, Nikki Wadhawan stands out as a reliable guide. Her commitment to excellence, meticulous planning, and client-centric approach make her an invaluable partner for anyone embarking on the journey of buying, selling, or renting a property. With Nikki by your side, you can navigate the real estate landscape with confidence, knowing that you have a seasoned professional dedicated to your success.


Nikki Wadhawan

Extensive Experience:
With over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, Nikki Wadhawan brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Her seasoned expertise spans diverse aspects of buying, selling, and renting properties, providing clients with a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of the market.

Holistic Approach:
Nikki understands that real estate transactions are not just about buying or selling a property; they involve meticulous financial planning and careful neighborhood selection. Her holistic approach ensures that clients are well-informed at every step, enabling them to make decisions that align with their long-term goals.

End-to-End Support:
Nikki Wadhawan is dedicated to providing support that goes beyond the transactional phase. Her commitment to clients extends well past the completion of a deal. With Nikki, you have a partner who is invested in building enduring relationships and assisting you in your real estate journey long after the initial transaction.



Nikki Wadhawan's guidance and the Mortgage Calculator made my first home purchase a breeze. Her personalized approach and financial insights ensured I found a home that perfectly fit my budget and aspirations. Highly recommended!

Sarah Turner


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